Kimberley Van Tassel Licensed Aesthetician

Creséra Facials and Skin Care

Astara® Bio Genic Skin Care
The product of choice at Creséra is Astara® Bio Genic Skin Care which is a profoundly effective botanical skin regime that integrates powerful antioxidants and living organic plant and sea extracts. Because of the Astara® system’s ability to deeply cleanse, repair, oxygenate, hydrate – in a word, rejuvenate – the cells, the results of regular use are transforming.

CWC Essential Facial 50 min. $85
Let the captivating aromas of these all-natural products soothe your senses and consume your mind. Astara® nourishes the skin, oxygenates and revitalizes, leaving your skin with a refreshing glow. Are used to detoxify and soothe your senses with warm aroma therapeutic steam and/or towels gently wrapped around the face and a customized masque to rebalance and nourish the skin.


CWC Youth Light and Facial 60 min. $120
This State-of-the-art Photo Rejuvenation Skin Care Treatment was developed as a result of the scientific concept that our body cells are actually photoreceptive. This unique treatment utilizes the amazing benefits of DIODE LIGHT THERAPY to restore the skins natural cellular active. The skin is repaired from within and the results are visible for all to see.

Manual Lymph Drainage Facial $125
The Dr. Vodder technique of Manual Lymph Drainage is used to reduce puffiness pre and post surgery and focus on eliminating wrinkles. This non-invasive, very light massage technique will stimulate the lymphatics in the face and neck assisting the lymphatic drainage process of the area to achieve the desired results.

CWC Non-Surgical Face Lift 45 min.$90
A thorough cleansing followed by a refining scrub to gently exfoliate your skin and allow for better penetration of the products. The collagen is then applied and as it dries, a pleasant pulsating and tightening sensation occurs. The enzymes, proteins and collagen penetrate deep into the skin minimizing fine lines and spots. This treatment removes toxins from your skin and produces incredible rejuvenation and glow to the skin.

Repechage 4 Layer Facial 60 min. $120

Warm Paraffin Facial 60 min. $95

Mens Revitalizing Facial 45 min. $85

Back & Shoulder Treatment 60 min. $85

Stress Relief Facial 30 min. $55

Ear Candling 40 min. $55

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