18 Oz. Regular price $15.00

Hygiene for compression and support garments. With no added scent, it’s not only environmentally advanced, but will cause a quicker break down and dissolving of perspiration salts, body oils and soil, while critics lift and clean. The result should be a longer life for your expensive support hose and compression garments.

8 fl. Oz. $22.00

Therapeutic Body Lotion, pH Corrective, is effective when applied to all skin types from normal to dry to pathologically altered. The all natural seaweed and botanical extract ingredients have been specifically chosen for their effect on skin revitalization in order to nourish, soften, hydrate, and protect even the most sensitive skin. LYMPHODERM helps soothe irritations, contains anti-inflammatory agents and help prevent insect bites.

JUZO® & Jobst® Compression Products

The leading manufacturers of compression garments in the USA. A Certified Fitter will measure the extremity, and together with the patient, will select the appropriate product which range from over-the-counter sizes to prescribed custom fitted garments with compression of 15 mmHg – 50 mmHg for arm sleeves and leg stockings/panty hose.In the maintenance phase of Lymphedema treatment, compression garments are used to maintain the reduction achieved. Over-the-counter garments and Custom-made garments are fitted by one of our JUZO or Jobst Certified Garment Fitters. For more information visit their web site Prices vary upon selection.

4 fl. Oz. $15.00

ALPS 100% Silicone Fitting Lotion/ Skin Conditioner for Sensitive Skin imparts a smooth, silky feel to skin that is chapped and dry. When used before donning stockings, it helps prevent snags and facilitates donning of all compression garments. Leaves no oily feeling and contain no perfumes or dyes. Hypoallergenic.

Kinesio Taping®                                                                                   
$25/roll size

Kinesio Tex Tape is applied over muscles to reduce pain and inflammation, relax overused tired muscles, or to support muscles in movement on a 24 hour/day basis. It is designed to gently create forces on the surface of the skin which elevate the tissue, stimulating the lymphatic system, relieving the pressures beneath the skin surface, thereby promoting increased circulation to there tissues and structures beneath the area tape. Lymphatic System Detoxification.

Compression Bandaging Supplies

To aide in the treatment for Lymphedema, after Manual Lymph Drainage, compression bandaging MUST be applied to the arm or leg to prevent reflow of lymph that was re-directed during the treatment.
Additional individual compression bandages, foam or cotton can be purchased as needed. Prices vary.

Venafore by A.Vogel 60 tabs/19.00 3.5oz gel/$22.00

An excellent product for Lymphedema patients. Horse Chestnut seed has been known to assist the flow of lymph in the body. Venaforce Gel minimizes appearance of varicose and spider veins on the legs while complimenting Venaforce tablets which promotes normal circulation and assists the flow of lymph in the arms and legs.

Nutritional Vitamins and Supplements

At Creséra, we only carry the best in nutritional products, namely Bio-Force, Young Living Essential Supplements. E-mail us the brand you choose and we will quote you a price. Remember to specify, tablets/gel caps/capsules, quantity etc.