Volume 1, Issue 1                                                                                                  Spring 2008

From the Editor

Spring is around the corner and at the Creséra Wellness Center many new and innovative things are happening!

Our website www.CreseraWellness.com has been updated with new Services. Acupuncture with Jay Chung, Lic. Acup and Rochelle Schaeffer, LMT, Lic. Acp.. Maureen Reilling, LMT offers a variety massage techniques, Kimberley Van Tassell Licensed Aesthetician and Marie Schwerdt Licensed Cosmetologist. Kim at both of our locations for Skin Care & Body Treatment Services.

Choose one of the many services offered as a gift idea using one of our beautiful Gift Certificates. Email us at Cresera1@optonline.net or call us with your selection. We will mail your gift certificate to you or to your special loved one.

As a reminder, our address has changed to 467 Willis Avenue , but don't worry; we are just around the corner, in the same building with a new entrance located on Prospect Street . Stop by and visit Rosemarie Barrett, my Office Manager. She will show you our expansion, familiarize you with our products and answer questions you might have about our services and scheduling appointments.

I look forward to seeing you soon!

Jim Kresse


Inside This Issue


From the Editor


Spring Enlightening - New Staff Members


Coping with Seasonal Allergies


Hall of Fame Induction


Stretching on the Golf Course




Essential Oil Corner



Spring Enlightening!

As we continue to grow and add new services our staff increases. We are excited to include the following professionals as staff members to the Creséra team:

Marie Schwerdt, Licensed Cosmetologist

After many years of experience, Marie's skin care specialties expands services to include Teen Facials, Oatmeal Treatment, Body Exfoliation, Waxing Services. Body Wraps and more.

She received her degree from Robert Fiance and Wilson Technology Center bringing over 20 years of experience to clients. Marie also has Demalogica product knowledge and brings medical aesthetician experience to the Cresera Wellness Center . She is available for appointments on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Packages are available that include Massage Therapy to enhance your experience and de-stress the body.

Karen Centola, Reiki Practitioner

This ancient therapeutic method for mobilizing energy and the body's innate healing powers has helped many of my breast cancer survivors with lymphedema. Karen's gentle, non-invasive laying on of hands approach, directs energy into the body of the receiver where it allows the body's resources to heal. Karen is available for treatments by appointment only. Read more about Reiki on page 3 of this newsletter.

Jay Chung, Lic. Acp.

As a member of the NCCAOM, Jay incorporates into his treatments Oriental and Western Herbs while offering Nutritional Counseling to address the dis-ease in the body. Psychoemotional & Neuro -logical, Musculoskeletal, Gynecological and Circulatory disorders are a few that the modality of Acupuncture can address. Jay's Smoking Cessation treatment has assisted many in quitting. Treatments are by appointment. $85.00


Coping with Seasonal Allergies

Spring has arrived, and with it the blooming trees and flowers bring on seasonal allergies. If you are susceptible to pollen, you may already be experiencing any number of these symptoms:

•  Stuffy, runny nose

•  Sneezing

•  Itchy nose, eyes, and throat

•  Headache or feeling of pressure behind the eyes

•  Skin rashes or hives

Your body's immune system is overreacting to irritants in the environment, such as pollen, grasses, dust, or changes in temperature or humidity.

Acupuncture and Massage can strengthen immune system function.

You Don't Have to Suffer!

Acupuncture and Therapeutic Massage can promote immune system function and assist drainage of lymphatic fluid.

The use of a nasal rinse with lukewarm water and a pinch of sea salt will help shrink sinus tissue and increase drainage.

Consult any of our highly-trained therapists for treatment options and suggestions for managing your allergies.



Hall of Fame Induction

On October 16, 2008 the 1 in 9 : Long Island Breast Cancer Action Coalition has informed me of my nomination to be inducted into the Hewlett House Hall of Fame at their I Will Survive Dance on October 16, 2008.

As you know, 1 in 9's Hewlett House is truly unique and innovative in scope and approach, a place that comforts as well as heals. Hewlett House has been the place to turn for so many families. As the facilitator of their Lymphedema Support Group for over ten years, many breast cancer survivors have passed through their doors and have been welcomed with open arms. It is an honor to receive such a prestigious award.

Lean On Me Breast Cancer Network

I would like to thank Dr. Dwight DeRisis and his organization for inviting me to be a panelist at The 7 th Annual Breast Cancer Update. The Multidisciplianry Panel of physicians, social worker and nutritionist offered up to date information to over 100 attendees on breast cancer. Their Fifth Gala Dinner Dance will be held on May 8, 2008 at The North Ritz Club in Syosset. If you are interested in attending pleas call Teri at 516-829-6609

Legislator Nicolello Congratulates CWC

Nassau County Legislator Richard J. Nicolello presented me with a Citation on March 7, 2008 for 10 years of service to the community assisting Breast Cancer Survivors with Lymphedema. Williston Park Mayor Ludwig Odierna declared the day Cresera Wellness Center Day.





Reiki is a natural healing system from Japan , brought to the West more than 60 years ago. Reiki's origins can be traced to ancient Eastern philosophy and the long tradition of healing practices of Asia .

Reiki is non-invasive, accelerates and supports the body's natural healing processes, and gives an overall sense of well-being.

Reiki helps reduce stress, ease pain, balance the emotions, enhances mental clarity and facilitates personal and spiritual growth.

Reiki is ideal for the client who cannot tolerate the deeper pressure of a massage.

Reiki sessions are available with Scott. Please call for an appointment.

Calendar of Events

Memorial Day Holiday

May 26, 2008

CWC will be closed in observance of Memorial Day.

Mother's Day

May 11, 2008

Don't forget the special lady of the house. A beautiful, relaxing facial and massage is just the right gift. Call for Gift Certificate Package.

Father's Day

June 15, 2008

Honor Dad with a Gift Certificate for Massage Therapy or a Men's Facial! What a great gift to give Dad!


Independence Day

J uly 4 th , 2008

CWC will be closed in observance of this day.

God Bless America !


Stretching on the Golf Course Summer is here, and the summer golf season is in full swing! Whether you are a seasoned player, or a weekend warrior, stretching is crucial for prevention of muscular injury.

Before your next day on the links, try these stretches. You will warm up your muscles, prevent injuries, and improve your game!

Perform each stretch slowly, with your breath. Hold for 30 seconds. If you feel pain on any stretch, STOP the stretch and contact your Massage Therapist for personalized instructions.


CHEST: Bring elbows out to your sides to shoulder height with palms facing out. Open chest while pulling shoulder blades down and together.


TORSO AND HAMSTRINGS: Hold a club with both hands, slightly squat so hips and knees are bent. Keep your back flat and sit back toward your heels. Push the club out away from you as you straighten your arms. You should feel a stretch in your back, shoulders, and the backs of your legs. You can also side bend to stretch your sides and ribs.


SIDE STRETCH: Hold club overhead with arms straight. Slowly bend to your side and breathe deeply.


FOREARM STRETCH: Grip club and bring it up to shoulder level keeping the elbows straight. Bend wrists down with palms up, then bend wrists down with palms down.

As always, see your Licensed Massage Therapist at CWC for personalized stretches for your sport!

Happy Golfing!

Sizzling Summer Offers !

Weekday Bargains

Make an appointment with Jim, Maureen or Rochelle on a weekday this summer, and receive $10 off your 1-hour massage. You may also apply it to a Reiki session with Karen Centola! Mention this ad when you make your appointment. This special rate is available Mondays through Thursdays ONLY. Discount applies to 1-hour Therapeutic Massage or Reiki session. 30-minute treatments do not qualify for discounts. Discounts may not be used for the purchase of Gift Certificates, Products, or other services with any other therapist. Offer expires August 31, 2008. Only 1 discounted session per client, please.

Can't Get away on vacation?

Try our Skin Care & Body Treatment Services. Kim or Marie offer various treatments of pure, luxurious relaxation designed to relieve the stresses you face and body everyday. Feel like you just arrived back from a Mini Getaway. Add a massage with Jim to your service and get $10 off.



Essential Oil Corner


Lemongrass oil is very versatile, and has a luscious citrus scent!

Lemongrass supports digestion, tones connective tissues and ligaments, dilates blood vessels, strengthens vascular walls, promotes lymph flow, and is anti-inflammatory.

An easy way to integrate Lemongrass oil into your wellness plan is to add the oil to your Therapeutic Massage, Reiki, or Manual Lymph Drainage session.

Ask your therapist to add Lemongrass oil to your treatment, for an additional charge of $10. The benefits of Lemongrass oil can also be yours at home. See Rosemarie to purchase your own bottle to take home! v